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You must include the words what is that? somewhere in your writing

You only have 100 words

You must not start with one day!

10/24/2012 10:07am

Quietly, she moved towards the object in the corner... what could it be? what is it? the box began to shake and rumble, strange sounds started ringing across the room, what is it?
Slowly, she stepped closer to it. Her heart was beating faster and faster, it sounded like a steam train...
The box shook and shuddered, the suddenly, it stopped. Everything went quiet.

10/28/2012 9:25am

In a dark dark castle on the cost of New briton.There was a girl called victoria.Victoria lived in the old castle with her mum .Victoria hated her mum because she was so bossy and strict ! One day when she was eating her tea she axadently dropped fork . Her mother complaned "what is that"in a sensible london axcent. When victoria went to put her plate in the sink .She saw the newspapper ,on the front was a lovley foster mum .At the bottom in smallprint (contact number)Victoria quickly grabbed the phone .Hello can you give me your adress ."Yes 3 rose lane the cottage in rainhill".Victoria quickly grabbed her coat and bardged the door open . Then all rocks came down .Her horible mother was trapped there foreverand Victoria lived with a happy mum.

10/28/2012 12:11pm

Wow Sophia! What a dramatic story, very well done!

10/29/2012 11:48am

Thank you mrs right I really worked hard on it!

11/10/2012 2:41pm

In a place called London there was a girl called Jade she was an orphan. When she was a little girl her mother died but she always knew in her heart that her mother was still alive she had a quest when she was sixteen (16) the quest was to find her mother and her birthday was tommorow she was fifteen (15). She got loads of presents but one she wanted was her mother. She went to a abandoned house on the streets it felt someone said to her this go away from this house it is dangerous. Then she saw a blue pearl Jade thought it was thousands she saw a seller she was a girl she wore a white dress she had a light voice. She said I am the keeper of the heavens I said to her i want to trade this pearl for my life to go in the heavens and see my mother she had to climb a mammoth of stairs to go to the heavens but there Jade saw her mother and hugged her tight!

01/25/2013 11:32am

That is a really good story I liked it.

02/06/2013 8:34am

The dog.

In a place far a way a girl woke up really early because it was her birthday.Her name is called libby. when libby went downstairs all libby could hear was a loud,deep woof.So libby wondered what that noise was. when she opened the one direction rapping paper with a pink ribbon on the top, libby cried because it was a ... little black puppy with a dark brown patch on her right leg and eye.Libby said what is that? she said about the patchs. Her mum said they are just patchs you dont need to worry .Ok mum, I'll go and get ready for my party.

Mrs Bowles
02/06/2013 8:38am

I hope you are not wishing this to come true Libby??

06/06/2013 9:20am

I agree mrs bowles

02/02/2014 12:00pm

That was really good


Mrs W
02/21/2013 1:58am

Libby the detail in your writing is amazing! What a super story.... I'd be worried Mrs. Bowles... lots of thought has gone into this one! :-)

03/01/2013 10:45am

Far far away in an ordinary forest there was an animal it had razor teeth and sparkling eyes it came to a house and it look empty i seen it pounce on its enemy.I seen someone wark towards the animal and i warned him "be careful there is a dangerous animal".He said thanks for warning me.I climbed the highest tree i could find with my friend.I had binocualars and got a better view of the animal.My friend said "want ot come ver for tea so i had tee at his and i said whats your name and he said Adam wahats your name i said Ben.We went out again and the animal was in a house we had to find help so i got my mobile out and rung the rescues and they brung a net.I said dont hurt the animal.So they got the animal in a jail and the people in the house were safe.

03/16/2013 5:30am

We have just started a new blog - please follow us and we will keep up with your 100 w challenge.

Mrs W
03/16/2013 11:40am

We'd love to! What's your blog?

03/17/2013 12:26am

We would love to share our work with you in Oxfordshire.

03/17/2013 12:27am

We look forward to sharing work with you.

05/29/2013 6:22am

lib your story was fab !!

12/03/2013 9:11am

rearlly good khate

12/15/2013 2:32am

I loved writing my story it was so much fun


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