You may ask yourself why blog? Blogging is a fantastic way to share the usually closed world of the classroom not only with other children in the school and to people at home, but with other learners around the world.  Below you will see a map of some of the blogs we will be visiting and links to some of our favourites!


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09/25/2012 2:04am

Kia Ora (Maori word for greetings - pronounced Kee a Or ah)
Just wanted to say what a great site!! I was a pupil at Longton's Lane School many years ago now (1965 until 1969) when I left to come to Wellington, New Zealand. You are doing a great job and looking at your site brings back lots of happy memories!!!! Well done everyone, keep up the great work!!! Haere Ra (Maori for goodbye - pronounced "hi ray ra) Elaine

Hazel Class
09/26/2012 6:50am

Thank you so much for your lovely comment, we were very excited to see a visitor from NZ and we like seeing the Maori words!

Thank You
Hazel Class

kian b
05/17/2013 6:20am

thers japan france ejipt well thats all i no well bye. by kian b

05/29/2013 4:53pm

what a cool blog

05/29/2013 4:54pm

i really love your blog its terrific

Olivia (Laurel class)
02/12/2014 4:17am

I loved blogging it was just fab and lots of people around the world can see what we done last year.


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