This morning Hazel class has done a bit of drama. As we are we are looking at India we had a look at an Indian story. We wrote a recount of the story and me and Georgia were actors,  I was a girl it was fun. For maths we did some work on solving problems it is really fun in this class I wish I will never leave this class.

By Sam and Georgia


1/31/2013 11:06:00

great blog!!!!!!!

1/31/2013 12:07:56

great acting
Sam and Georgia

2/1/2013 12:54:19

i loved that!!!!!

Liam Johnson
2/6/2013 14:37:30

i like acting i like maths my fave is timestabels i really enjoyed the indian tasteing my mum loves indian food its her fave ! i am enjoying useing the blog its great !!!!!! i am working extra hard to improve my reading my mum is pleased with me !!!!! i

liam johnson
2/7/2013 09:34:07

i lace the food

Mrs. W
2/9/2013 14:44:31

Super comments Hazel class! Well done Liam, don't forget...looking at the blog is reading too! I'm glad your mum's proud... you're doing VERY well!

2/19/2013 01:49:40

In the half term, on Monday 18th my mum took me and my brother roll skating.I can do it now my mum said she is going to get me and her self some roller boots.


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