This morning Hazel class has done a bit of drama. As we are we are looking at India we had a look at an Indian story. We wrote a recount of the story and me and Georgia were actors,  I was a girl it was fun. For maths we did some work on solving problems it is really fun in this class I wish I will never leave this class.

By Sam and Georgia


Earlier this morning, we spent some time learning with Zero Gravity.  Zero Gravity is a dog who helps us with our maths. This morning we were working on fractions and we learnt that 2 fractions added together can make a whole.  He is one of our maths mate, working with Zero Gravity helps us with our maths and we are happy that we have them! He was getting stuck with a fractions puzzle so we helped him solve it.  We helped him solve pizza problems with fractions!

        Then, we were on the playground and we worked together to sort ourselves into fractions.  Everyone was saying 'it's this' and 'it's that' but in the end we found the right fractions! We split ourselves into halves, quarters and thirds.  The game was called human fractions... we turned ourselves into fractions to play it! It made us feel more confident with our fractions, some people are scared of fractions but n

This afternoon we enjoyed practising our numeracy skills on some really fun interactive games.  If you would like to try  them at home, follow these links... can you remember the name for these links?

This morning we learned about fractions, the top number represents a numerator and the bottom number represents a denominator. When we finished doing our fractions we walked up to the Rainhill library after we walked to the Rainhill library we had a story told to us from a library staff , it was a Roald Dahl  book . later on we made are own stories and read it out to everyone as soon as possible we went in the old train it was amazing it had all kinds of train things, later on in the day we walked back to our school . Next we learnt about India and we had to answer the questions.