This afternoon Hazel class had a visit from Rybrook Jaguar from Warrington. They showed us two types of Jaguars, one of them was a beautiful Italian racing red the other was black,green and there was little specks of silver wich was the racing car the XKR.

We found out that the name of the company before Jaguar was Swallow side car. The first Jaguar was made by William Lions. At the back of the sports car there was a spoiler that helps the car stay on the ground as it goes 185 mph. In a sports car there are only two seats and a tiny boot. In the Italian racing red car could make the seat go in all directions and the roof can go up and down.

By Georgia and Charlie


We did some more research on Jaguar and used everything we have found out to start designing our very own 'wrap' for a Jaguar car.

We must say a massive thank you to Vicky and the team at Rybrook Jaguar Warrington for making our afternoon super special!

Hello everyone,

I've put most of your Big Write feedback on the brand new teacherfeedback.co.uk - just use the user name and password on your letter. Don't worry if you can't find it, I can show you again next week!

A huge well done (and lots of Dojo points) to Ben, who has already listened to and rated his feedback. Super work Ben!

I would really love to hear your ideas on getting feedback you listen to rather than read - can you think about why you prefer being able to listen to it? Is it better to have it written in your books? Will you remember it if you listen to it?

All of these questions will help us decide as a classroom community whether it's something we want to keep doing

As you found out last week, we are going to be getting some tablets in school very soon... how exciting?
Can you recommend any apps that you would like to see on them... not just games!

I hope you are enjoying your holiday! Tink and Bell are sulking because they haven't been in school for so long!

Mrs. W
... well you have now! Here is a video to help you remember the job of a verb! Look out for the juggling dog!
Happy half term everyone! I hope you are enjoying your break! Well done for exceptional behaviour at Manchester Airport on Friday! Did you enjoy it? What were your favourite bits? What did you enjoy?

Good afternoon Hazel class.

Your task for this afternoon is to do some research on the country we are visiting this week... Japan.

Can you find out:

What is the capital city of Japan?

What is the weather like in Japan?

What is the time in Japan?

Any other interesting facts you can find!

Post comments in full sentences to show the information you have found!

Have fun!
Mrs. W

On Friday, we rushed in from the playground to the delicious smells of spices and fruits.

Our classroom had been turned into an Indian palace!

We tried exotic fruits, rich curries, smelled gorgeous spices, it was fantastic!