This week we talked about what makes us healthy.  We thought about what we eat and what made a healthy snack and then investigated how different activities changed our heart beat.

We worked in pairs to do different activities like jogging, running and lying down and then measured our heart rates.  What did you learn Hazel class?
This week we have been working on using our imaginations to write fabulous stories.  We went to the school hall only to find that there were notices and yellow tape on the door saying 'caution' and 'danger' we used adjectives to decide how we would open the hall door...

We tiptoed across the hall towards the unusual flashing light....  we worked together to investigate it...

We thought about what kind of story we could write about it... some thought it was an alien or a rocket other thought a dragon's egg or a space ship... could you share a few sentences of a story about it?

Mrs. W

We have been very excited about our new Quad Blogging project, we have all put some little things together that we thought you might like to know about our class.

In our class we have a plasma ball, I pad, special lights and areas. Also our class topic is Egypt, we have been finding information about Egypt .

By Sam and Edwin

In our class we have an ipad , plasma ball , writing area  and  much more stuff . On the 27 of  September 2012 we did lots of fun games and found information  about Ancient  Egypt like artefacts, pop up books, hieroglyphics’ and many more amazing stuff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            by Callum  and Georgie.                                  


We have got after school clubs which are, film club, cooking club and touch rugby.

By James and Liam RH

We have been leaning about Egyptians it is very fun and active. Hazel class love doing art, literacy and big write.

By charlotte and Katie

Amazing facts about Egypt

One pyramid had 20,000 stones. Mummies brains were pulled out of their nose. The mummy lungs, intestings, stomach and liver were pulled out. Pharaohs when they died their bodies were thrown into one of the pyramids.

By Kelli and Daniel

In Hazel class we have class jobs. There are 2 places for tray monitors,Book managers,Think Tank managers, Writing area managers,librarians,desk managers,floor monitors ,Gardeners.5 behaviour  captains and  6 equipment managers.If you want to be a behaviour captain you have to be good.You will also be a shining example to the rest of the classs.

By Libby and Georgia

Soon we are going to the world of  glass on a school trip! In 2 weeks. We are not just going round the museum .We are going  to make out own glass and go to underground tunnels. We do not know where they lead to! We are really excited! BY Sophia and Kelsey


 We went on RM maths and went on our class blog. We have a lot more visitors around the world! We  are also writing blogs to make our website more exciting! BY Sophia and Kelsey


We enjoy doing  writing, working on our blog, maths, Egyptians, art and science , topic, pe. We enjoy the most art. We are very excited because lots of people are looking at our blog. On our blog you can tell what the weather is like.

By Charlie and Danielle. 

We did a topic afternoon with hieroglyphics and we

digged  some artifacts and we saw some papyrus

and we coloured some Eygpt drawings. and it was

really FUN! and it was a exciting afternoon

our whole class liked it including our teacher

Mrs Wright.

Today in rm maths we have been learning about activities like times tables,adds,divides and take aways we have been enjoying rm maths it’s the best maths site ever!!! By Luke


In big write we have been learning about punctuation in stories,and we write all kinds of stories eg, funny stories,fairytale stories, adventure stories too. We are also doing after school clubs they are film club, cooking club and a rugby club, they are fun and cool to be in.

            In our  school we have red warm  jumpers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               By Tom and Olivia

Yesterday we looked at Egyptian  artefacts. We read books. We drawed pitures. We like your picture of are school .we like you blog. By Adam and Matthew hope to see you soon.

Class Dojo

In Hazel class we have a  behaviour  system  called   class Dojo .If we behave well   we will get a Dojo point but if you are naughty  you will get a  negative point.

At  the  end   of the week   we will see who has  got the most dojo  points and they will get a  trophie. They can take it home for the weekend   and bring it back  on  Monday.Till the next Friday it will stay on your desk.

By Georgia and Kovithan
Our school is proud to have the healthy schools enhanced status - this means that we all try our hardest to be a healthy community.  Tomorrow, we will be investigating how healthy we are by looking at the things we eat and how much exercise we do.  Do you have your five a day?

In our circle time on Friday some of Hazel class shared that they would like some more confidence, especially with their mental maths.  Here is an activity that might help! Have fun!

Mrs. W 
This morning we enjoyed a visit from our class Governor Mr. Fairclough who helped us with our Spanish and some Kung Fu punctuation! Yet again you were all absolutely brilliant at your singing and your Spanish is getting better each week.  Here is the video so you can keep practising at home!

Mrs. W
A huge congratulations to our newest members of the school council, Libby and Callum. Here's what they had to say about it:

To be school councillors the other children in the class had to vote for us, we then represent Hazel class in school council meetings and get to wear a blue badge so people know we are councillors. 

By Callum and Libby. 

A huge well done to both of you, I am sure you will do Hazel class proud! 
Congratulations Hazel for winning class of the week from Mrs. Maggs our Headteacher, your hard work and beautiful behaviour is paying off!

Well done!
(a very proud) Mrs. W
We are still very new to our blog!

When we were talking this week about how we would like to improve it, we added some widgets to show us where our visitors come from.

We would love to know who is visiting our blog and what they think of our work.  Whether you leave a comment here, or a link to your own blog, we'd love to know you've visited!

Thank you,
Hazel Class