I know how much you enjoy your 100 word  challenge so I thought I would make sure you can still have a go whilst you're on half term! If you would like to try the 100 WC this week here is what must be included in your 100 words...

what is that?

Remember, this can go at the start, end or even in the middle of your 100 words, I do not mind how you include it (just use your imagination) and don't start with ONE DAY...... yaaaaaaaaawn!

If you would like to have a go, write your 100 words in the comment of the new post on the 100WC page!
Last week we did some investigations, all to learn more about temperature.  Although we had lots of fun, we also learnt a lot of new vocabulary - some really tricky words! Dojo points when we get back for the first people to tell me what these words mean:



To finish off our Egyptian topic, we made amulets from salt dough and painted them with traditional Egyptian patterns. They looked great!  Can anyone tell me what an amulet was for?

Hello Hazel class!

I hope you are busy enjoying your half term whilst I am organising things for our fabulous new topic next week... all will be revealed on Monday morning!

Mrs. W




How hard have you worked today Hazel Class? I thought I'd better post a picture of your fabulous work on our Ancient Egypt topic, your writing is brilliant!

Very well done!
Mrs. W

Next week we are going to The World of Glass in St. Helens.  This will give us the opportunity to learn about two very important things in a very exciting way!

The Egyptians
We have been working hard on our class project, but what would you like to try and find out about Ancient Egyptians from our visit.

The history of our town
We will learn lots about St. Helens, not just about how we are famous for glass, but about some of the famous events that have happened here, or people that came from St. Helens. Can you think of any?

Mrs. W
Maths monster story!


One day, in a called town Longton Lane kids were scared about the myth

of the maths monster. It lived in a school called Longton Lane Primary school…

kids were frightened about maths monster because they said it lived under every

floor board, kids answers were wrong because of it….

We are writing a story about a maths monster because we know maths is hard for some people and can sometimes be a bit scary.  We are going to blog about our maths because we want to share it with other people to try and help them with theirs too, so we can share what we are learning and how we can stop being ‘bread heads’ (bread head is a character from our maths videos who worries about his numeracy all the time).

Our first top tip for maths:

Be confident in yourself and stop worrying!

By Kelli and Kelsey

We have been learning about kung fu punctuation.

It is very good, for a comma we do an action with our hands like a slice and shout the word ‘shi!’  For a full stop we throw a straight punch in front of us and shout ‘ha!’.

We do it quite a lot to remember our punctuation. It’s good because it is fun, it helps us with our work and we do it as a class.

By Tom, Charli and Kovithan

This morning we have been investigating different types of verbs, adverbs and imperative (bossy) verbs.  Who can tell me the difference between the three?

Mrs. W