Class Dojo

In Hazel class we have a  behaviour  system  called   class Dojo .If we behave well   we will get a Dojo point but if you are naughty  you will get a  negative point.

At  the  end   of the week   we will see who has  got the most dojo  points and they will get a  trophie. They can take it home for the weekend   and bring it back  on  Monday.Till the next Friday it will stay on your desk.

By Georgia and Kovithan
9/26/2012 23:30:35

i really like yo

9/26/2012 23:35:23

sorry for the first comment i sent my friend hit submit when i was not ready i was trying to say i really like your blog and we do class dojo to :) :) :)

Liam and georgia
9/27/2012 20:10:11

Thank you for commenting on our blog.Thank you

9/27/2012 20:16:40

thank you max

9/27/2012 20:06:37

thank you

9/27/2012 20:18:17

This is cool.

1/25/2013 03:26:55

I really like class dojo it is fun


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