Earlier this morning, we spent some time learning with Zero Gravity.  Zero Gravity is a dog who helps us with our maths. This morning we were working on fractions and we learnt that 2 fractions added together can make a whole.  He is one of our maths mate, working with Zero Gravity helps us with our maths and we are happy that we have them! He was getting stuck with a fractions puzzle so we helped him solve it.  We helped him solve pizza problems with fractions!

        Then, we were on the playground and we worked together to sort ourselves into fractions.  Everyone was saying 'it's this' and 'it's that' but in the end we found the right fractions! We split ourselves into halves, quarters and thirds.  The game was called human fractions... we turned ourselves into fractions to play it! It made us feel more confident with our fractions, some people are scared of fractions but n

1/30/2013 11:28:35

0 gravity is the best

2/4/2013 10:04:49

im boraring

2/8/2013 09:27:38

I agrey to khate.


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