Maths monster story!


One day, in a called town Longton Lane kids were scared about the myth

of the maths monster. It lived in a school called Longton Lane Primary school…

kids were frightened about maths monster because they said it lived under every

floor board, kids answers were wrong because of it….

We are writing a story about a maths monster because we know maths is hard for some people and can sometimes be a bit scary.  We are going to blog about our maths because we want to share it with other people to try and help them with theirs too, so we can share what we are learning and how we can stop being ‘bread heads’ (bread head is a character from our maths videos who worries about his numeracy all the time).

Our first top tip for maths:

Be confident in yourself and stop worrying!

By Kelli and Kelsey

10/3/2012 06:10:46

this is cool

10/3/2012 06:43:52

thanks charli , i cant wait for people to comment on mine and kelseys work,but miss did set me the task yesterday.and thanks to more people who will comment on this

10/3/2012 08:08:10

I think that this is a great tip. I will be using this tip myself. Thanks!

10/5/2012 05:05:39

I love this story

10/13/2012 04:15:53

WOW kelli its really good whos comentead

12/8/2012 08:05:16

kelli im shocked who comentead!


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