I know how much you enjoy your 100 word  challenge so I thought I would make sure you can still have a go whilst you're on half term! If you would like to try the 100 WC this week here is what must be included in your 100 words...

what is that?

Remember, this can go at the start, end or even in the middle of your 100 words, I do not mind how you include it (just use your imagination) and don't start with ONE DAY...... yaaaaaaaaawn!

If you would like to have a go, write your 100 words in the comment of the new post on the 100WC page!
10/29/2012 12:50:48

I really enjoyed this activity!

khate & sam
2/8/2013 04:10:43

we liked doing the 100 wc

2/8/2013 09:30:17

I liked it to.

11/2/2012 02:01:34

I looked at the chocolate song, again, i love chocolate.


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