Good evening Hazel class!

For those eager beavers amongst you who want to use your day off tomorrow to get started, here is the homework that will be set on Friday....

Hazel class homework

Next week we will be starting to put together our own chocolate product.  To prepare for this you have some research tasks:

How is chocolate packaged? You can either collect, draw or find pictures of examples.

How much does chocolate cost? Try and get prices for a range of products (at least 3), some cheap and some luxury! You must provide:

How much it would cost to buy one

How much it would cost to buy 10

How much it would cost to buy 100

Collect some slogans that are used to advertise chocolates.

Enjoy your day off tomorrow!
Mrs. Wright

Good afternoon Hazel class, I hope you are working hard today!

Here is your task for this afternoon, you will need to work in pairs.

Below is a picture of the chocolate room in Mr Wonka's factory, I would like you to imagine you are Charlie and describe what is happening to you.  To be successful you will need to:

- Work together!
- Use first person, you are imaginging you are Charlie, so you will be using 'I' and 'me' in your writing, for example, ' I can see..'
- Remember where you are! Use your senses! There will be smells, sounds and experiences all around you!
- Include lots of WOW adjectives!

Make sure you leave your FIRST names on the comments, I will read them this evening and give out Dojo points to the best tomorrow!

Work hard!
Mrs. W