This morning we learned about fractions, the top number represents a numerator and the bottom number represents a denominator. When we finished doing our fractions we walked up to the Rainhill library after we walked to the Rainhill library we had a story told to us from a library staff , it was a Roald Dahl  book . later on we made are own stories and read it out to everyone as soon as possible we went in the old train it was amazing it had all kinds of train things, later on in the day we walked back to our school . Next we learnt about India and we had to answer the questions.

Mrs. W
1/28/2013 18:35:07

A superb blog Kovithan, well done. You have used lots of fantastic time connectives!

2/1/2013 06:59:39

awsome blog cool!!!!!!!!

2/3/2013 06:53:33

this is boss

2/6/2013 03:52:42

Brilliant blog!


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