Today we have been doing some Algebra and some amazing literacy, we got an important letter from the whooshing wind company, saying  they want to build some wind turbines because we have an excellent area for it. After that we had to write our thoughts on the tables! It was brilliant!

In the afternoon we went on a bug hunt and found lots of creatures such as worms ,ants and spiders. It was a good day.

By Luke and Sophia

5/17/2013 07:55:14

bug hunting is fun how many bugs did you get?

Amy 1 And Beth
5/17/2013 08:38:48

What other bugs did you get?

St.Augustines school

5/24/2013 13:25:12

I really enjoyed writing on tables

olivia mccall☆★
5/27/2013 03:47:35

it was fun but we don ′t want the wind company on our field!

Olivia (Laurel Class)
2/12/2014 05:41:28

I did not want the wind company on OUR FIELD because it is our FIELD and we want to keep it.


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