Hello everyone,

I've put most of your Big Write feedback on the brand new teacherfeedback.co.uk - just use the user name and password on your letter. Don't worry if you can't find it, I can show you again next week!

A huge well done (and lots of Dojo points) to Ben, who has already listened to and rated his feedback. Super work Ben!

I would really love to hear your ideas on getting feedback you listen to rather than read - can you think about why you prefer being able to listen to it? Is it better to have it written in your books? Will you remember it if you listen to it?

All of these questions will help us decide as a classroom community whether it's something we want to keep doing

2/22/2013 11:56:07

My profile doesnt work

Mrs W
2/22/2013 13:22:24

No problem Kelli,we'll look at it next week. Your username is KellilouiseP

2/25/2013 09:00:17

If you don't look at teacher feedback you will miss out on all the nice comments that Mrs.Wright has put on there for you to look at.I think it is good,helpfull,fab and so much more.Thank you Mrs.Wright for showing us teacher feedbach it is really helpfull.

2/25/2013 09:14:49

my profile is still not working,I tried the username you givin me,but it didnt work

Mrs. W
2/26/2013 00:51:45

Thank you for your lovely feedback Libby, that's great! Kelli, we'll log in at school, don't worry! :)


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