Parts of a skeleton

We have been learning about parts of a skeleton.

Like a skull, pelvis , clavicle, tibia.  We have learnt these things because of our brilliant teacher and we used a game on our whiteboard and we learnt with a game like Simon says tapping the part of our body when we said the name.

By Tom and Olivia

Maths Mates

We have been learning how to add up big numbers with help from bread head and triangle man.  They always give us confidence and although bread head worries all the time, triangle man helps us not to worry about our maths.  When bread head worries toast sometimes pops out of his head.  We have learnt how to carry numbers , we’ve also been learning to partition numbers.

By Kelsey and Luke

Our tree poems

This morning we went outside to look at the trees in the nature garden, to help us use describing words, senses and similes.

I enjoyed it because we could try and think outside for a change, it was fanjollytastic!

By Daniel

9/17/2012 03:30:17

I relly enjoyed laerning about the body,i liked the tree work to. The best part was the body parts.

Mrs Wright
9/17/2012 03:33:57

Glad you enjoyed it Libby! You worked hard!

Mrs Wright
9/17/2012 03:36:14

I agree about bread head Kelli, at least he helps us not to worry! :-)

kelli louise plummer
9/17/2012 03:39:04

im movin house soon so im realy excited...but scared,its my first EVER move....liked the tree work 50,and the skeleton work 1000000....AWESOME!


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