This week we have been working on using our imaginations to write fabulous stories.  We went to the school hall only to find that there were notices and yellow tape on the door saying 'caution' and 'danger' we used adjectives to decide how we would open the hall door...

We tiptoed across the hall towards the unusual flashing light....  we worked together to investigate it...

We thought about what kind of story we could write about it... some thought it was an alien or a rocket other thought a dragon's egg or a space ship... could you share a few sentences of a story about it?

Mrs. W

9/28/2012 13:21:14

Thats cool mis.wright

Mrs. W
9/28/2012 13:51:46

Thank you Kelsey! Well done for becoming Dojo Master!

9/29/2012 05:47:54

Thank you for planning this lesson it was great fun.I liked it when we had to decide how to move across the room.

10/3/2012 02:11:45

thak you mrs wrght


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